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About dexterR

dexterR is a premier destination for talented candidates and clients committed to recruiting and developing top tier professionals. Seventy two percent of placements we make are with repeat clients, many of whom are happy to work on an exclusive basis confident in the work we do. We connect the most experienced professionals to accelerate the success of both candidate and client.

We Work For You

Anyone who has engaged in staff recruitment knows despite a surplus of applicants only a few will be up to your exacting standards.


Our Strategies

Personnel Options has exactly what you are looking for: insider-access to the highest performing sales and sales management professionals available nationwide.


Why Choose Us

  • A High Conversion ratio (~80%)
  • A high Stick Ratio (~95%)
  • An established database of pre-screened
  • Deep understanding of the Industry and
    its challenges
  • Long term relationship approach
  • More